On-Site Analysis

On-Site Analysis

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Portable Fluid Condition Monitor Equipment

Determine when in service oil is no longer fit for use due to liquid contamination degradation

FluidScan® Q1000 & Q1100

The FluidScan® family of handheld spectrometers use a patented, direct infrared technology to provide quantitative measurement of a fluid’s condition.

The FluidScan quickly detects contamination, degradation and cross contamination in both synthetic and petroleum-based engine oils and hydraulic fluids. It detects TAN, TBN, oxidation, nitration, sulfation, additive depletion and lubricant. Unlike alternative approaches that can involve field calibration of optical components, Spectro Scientific’s patented optical wedge is “hardwired” to the specific spectral bands with reproducibility and repeatability that complies to ASTM D 7889 standard.

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Portable Kinematic Viscometers Equipment

For 40°C Kinematic Viscosity Measurement New and In-Service Oils.

SpectroVisc Q3000 Series

The Q3000 kinematic viscometer is an easy-to-use, reliable instrument designed for remote field use when immediate lubricant kinematic viscosity measurement is requirement.

 With no solvents, density checks or thermometer needed, the 1.8 kg (4 lbs) SepctroVisc Q3000 is ready for use whenever and wherever needed. Each sample is measured at a constant temperature for consistent accuracy without pre-test measurements. The Q3050 provides extended viscosity range and calculated viscosity at 100°C for industrial applications.



  • Fast, simple operation with no pre-checks
  • Solvent free and small sample size (60µL)
  • Lower cost
  • Less environmental impact
  • Easy cleanup
  • Consistent accurate readings with fast and reliable results
  • Portable


  • Patent-pending split cell design
  • Ability to correct user induced error
  • Lightweight and battery powered
  • Multi-language support
  • Temperature controlled at 40°C ±0.1°
  • 10-350- cSt (Q3000, 40°C)
  • 1-700 cSt (Q3050, 40°C)

On-Site Analysis Malaysia Manufacturer of Metalworking Oil

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