Best Machine Metalworking Lubricant Oil Fluids No 1 Malaysia

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Water Base Coolant

Water Base Coolant Malaysia - EMUL-KOL - SEMISYN-KOL   AVGO SEMISYN-KOL 700 is special developed water base semi-synthetic coolant for CNC Metal Machining. The SEMISYN-KOL 700 has superior cooling ability and cleaning ability ,it has also provide anti corrosion to prevent oxidation or discoloration on work material Application CNC Lathe CNC Milling (Drill & Tap) CNC Grinding Coolant for titanium, stainless steel, aluminium

Tapping Oil Malaysia

Tapping Oil Malaysia - TC Series   AVGO Tapping Oil Malaysia - TC Series

Slide Way Oil

Slide Way Oil Malaysia - SWY Premium Series